Respiratory Function
& Pulmonology

Digital Health Revolution

Respiratory Function
& Pulmonology

Digital Health Revolution

STS Product

First worldwide accurate low-cost handheld device for complete pulmonary function test (PFT) - cabinless plethysmography, spirometry, CO2 / fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO), and diffusion testing

STS Revolution
for Pulmonologists & theirs patients

Bringing respiratory disease diagnostics and monitoring to clinics and the patient’s home

STS required parameters within single 30 seconds ’ test

STS eliminates the need to visit the hospital (lessening the patient's exposure to other illness, bacteria, and so forth).

STS enables all clinics to purchase advanced test equipment at an affordable price.

STS replaces large and expensive equipment with an integrated handheld device.

Enabling pulmonologists to get all clinical information on their patient condition immediately at the clinics visit

STS connects local small rural health centers with large health centers

Pulmonary Functional Test Market

Efficient and frequent diagnostics of patients with pulmonary diseases is essential for their quality of life and their lifespan


The First Law of Thermodynamics in the hands of pulmonologists