Respiratory Function
& Pulmonology

Digital Health Revolution

Respiratory Function
& Pulmonology

Digital Health Revolution

Our story

We are a highly experienced and ambitious team that has set the goal of bringing respiratory disease diagnostics and monitoring to clinics and patients homes. We offer an advance handheld diagnostics device that uses a remote telemedicine platform (digital medicine) to perform a comprehensive examination of the patient thereby eliminating the need to send the patient to hospital for tests.

Our Mission and Vision

Leveraging advanced technology for lung disease diagnostics and monitoring to be used in the community.
Enabling unmet diagnostics and monitoring scenarios to provide a better quality of life and saving lives.

Complete pulmonary functional tests at clinics

These will be a revolutionary tool in the hands of a pulmonologist and family physician at a clinic, which makes it possible to provide complete diagnosis findings within minutes during the patient's visit to the clinic and eliminates the need to send patients to the hospital to perform Pulmonary Functional Tests that currently cannot be performed at a clinic.

Performing pulmonary functional tests in rural communities

Pulmonary function tests can be performed in rural communities that are far from hospitals and have low accessibility to GPs and pulmonologists. Countries such as China, India, and Brazil will be able to perform PFT in rural areas instead of just in major health centers, which may be far away.

Daily monitoring for drug treatment effectiveness

The patient can perform a self-examination at home and send the results to the physician via a telemedicine medical platform.

Performing pulmonary functional tests for the elderly in nursing homes and at home

Pulmonary function tests can be performed for patients who are under medical supervision 24/7. The device will enable full pulmonary function tests to be performed on this population without the need to transfer them to hospitals for testing.

Performing pulmonary functional tests on patients recovering from COVID-19

Patients suffering from long COVID are liable to develop serious pulmonary illnesses, such as pulmonary fibrosis and side effects following coronary heart disease.

Leadership team

Shabtay Negry CEO - Managing Partner

Experienced executive with a track record in the computer software, medical devices, and machine vision industries

Igor Krivts – CTO and Co-founder
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering

Igor specializes in flow systems and thermodynamics. He has 40 years experience in developing precision gauges, including medical devices. He has 40 patents, more than 30 scientific publications, and has written two professional monographs. He has a wealth of experience in managing multidisciplinary projects and professional teams.

Yuri [surname] – VP R&D
Ph.D. in Mechanics, Pneumatic Systems, and Automation

Yuri has 26 years experience in electronics engineering, specializing in the development of precision gauges for the semiconductor industry and medical devices. He has numerous patents and diverse developments, and manages a professional team.

Medical Advisory

Dr. Gershon Fink (MD)

Senior lecturer in pulmonary medicine at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an expert in internal medicine, lung diseases, and previously served as director of the lung unit at Kaplan Medical Center and as deputy director of the Rabin Medical Center. Today he serves as chairman of the League for the Prevention of Lung and Tuberculosis Diseases.